Free online samples of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT)-themed ebooks from the authors and publishers at Smashwords.

The Big Bear Barn by Wayne Swaggart The Big Bear Barn by Oct. 06, 2015 $8.99 68834 words Sample 20%
his is another great-value megapack in the Muscle-Bound in Sex-Town gay erotica series, covering all the hottest macho str8core action between big men and big bottoms! Inside you'll find nine complete tales by some of today's best authors, full of so much action you'll wear out your wrist!
End Street Detective Agency Volume 1 by Amber Kell End Street Detective Agency Volume 1 by Oct. 06, 2015 $4.99 68399 words Sample 20%
Dragons, vampires, werewolves, fae, witches and one very confused human.
Slow Surrender by Olivia Stone Slow Surrender by Oct. 06, 2015 $2.99 24182 words Sample 25%
Lucas Walker is a barista by day and a drag queen by night, working toward making a name for himself in Los Angeles. Everything seems to be falling into place, except in the romance department. The guys he's met so far don't seem to understand that just because Lucas does drag, that doesn't mean he's submissive. Lucas is looking for someone he can push and challenge, (M/M)
Encounter at Bowerman's Nose by Kevin James Encounter at Bowerman's Nose by Oct. 05, 2015 $5.99 47480 words Sample 20%
The year is 1990 and the teenage John Watson is to be found spending his holiday in the wilds of Devon with his sister Flick. And in the present day Holmes is fascinated by an event at the absent Dr Martin’s flat. How are these two events linked and what is the end result going to be?
The Past that Haunts Us by Kevin James The Past that Haunts Us by Oct. 05, 2015 $5.99 44678 words Sample 20%
Holmes isn't the sort of man to regret his past decisions. But when one comes back to haunt him, he struggles to handle the situation. Only one person can help him out but there is more than the simple issue to resolve.
The Case of the Private Member's Club by Kevin James The Case of the Private Member's Club by Oct. 05, 2015 $5.99 24574 words Sample 20%
The 7th book in the Holmes & Watson Series
The Case of the Fallen Tycoon by Kevin James The Case of the Fallen Tycoon by Oct. 05, 2015 $5.99 39383 words Sample 20%
The 6th book in the Holmes & Watson Series
The Case of the Church Lane by Kevin James The Case of the Church Lane by Oct. 05, 2015 $5.99 50329 words Sample 20%
Holmes and Watson decide that buying a home in the countryside would be a good idea. But it doesn't seem to save their relationship and they find themselves surrounded by a dangerous circle of locals who all have issues with each other.
The Mystery of Families by Kevin James The Mystery of Families by Oct. 05, 2015 $5.99 46968 words Sample 20%
Holmes and Watson find themselves in an awkward situation as Holmes is forced to investigate one of Watson's patients.
The Case of the Disappearing Translator by Kevin James The Case of the Disappearing Translator by Oct. 05, 2015 $5.99 55165 words Sample 20%
Heading to New York on the way to Cape Town, Holmes and Watson find that their friend has disappeared. What do you do when someone disappears and no one seems concerned? If you're Holmes and Watson you end up crossing the US, Australia and Europe trying to save a friend.
The Adventure of the Missing Oscar by Kevin James The Adventure of the Missing Oscar by Oct. 05, 2015 $5.99 37545 words Sample 10%
After their first adventure, Holmes & Watson find themselves helping out a friend who's Oscar has gone missing. But it doesn't take them long to suspect the robbery was just the beginning.
A Curious Series of Events by Kevin James A Curious Series of Events by Oct. 05, 2015 $5.99 44378 words Sample 10%
The very first of the Holmes & Watson novels... A lawyer and an obs & gyne surgeon find themselves forced to resolve a the suspect death of a friend in Modern day London
Comrades-in-Arms: Stories by Rita Oakes Comrades-in-Arms: Stories by Oct. 05, 2015 $6.99 78021 words Sample 20%
Long before "Don't ask don't tell," gays served in the military--sometimes openly--more often in secret. In this volume the author imagines what their lives might have been like. Within, you will find tales of historical fiction mixed occasionally with supernatural horror. Comrades-in-Arms offers tales of battles and the aftermath, of comradeship, loss, duty, and discovery.
Writing on the Wall by Jenna Rae Writing on the Wall by Oct. 05, 2015 $9.99 89711 words Sample 20%
The Writing on the Wall is the passionate story of one woman's survival of the past and another's commitment to the future that gives them the chance at happiness neither of them believed possible.
Spring Tide by Robbi McCoy Spring Tide by Oct. 05, 2015 $9.99 79981 words Sample 20%
Haunted by an unspeakable tragedy, ex-cop Stef Byers is headed for the Sacramento River Delta and her newly-purchased houseboat. Her plans are to get the craft seaworthy and then sail into the snaking waterways—alone. The waterways of the Delta tangle and weave for hundreds of miles, hiding secret coves, serene vistas and fragile depths. But they are no match for the tides of a woman’s heart.
Le moment de vérité by RJ Scott Le moment de vérité by Oct. 05, 2015 $3.99 39490 words Sample 20%
Pourront-ils surmonter leurs problèmes et éliminer la menace que représentent les frères Bullen ?
Il Momento Della Verità by RJ Scott Il Momento Della Verità by Oct. 05, 2015 $3.99 36534 words Sample 20%
Riusciranno a superare le loro divergenze e a eliminare la minaccia rappresentata dai fratelli Bullen?
Une Vie en rose (Saison 9) by Anne de Gandt Une Vie en rose (Saison 9) by Oct. 05, 2015 $3.99 13317 words Sample 10%
Quatre amies inséparables — malgré le doute, les erreurs, le désespoir. Quatre femmes espérant le bonheur traversant, pour cela, le pire comme le meilleur. Suivez Anna, Leila, Tristana et Suzanna dans cette neuvième saison du Gang des bigoudènes et partagez, avec elles, une histoire d'amitié sans faille.
As You Wish: An M/M Romance Novella by Isobel Starling As You Wish: An M/M Romance Novella by Oct. 05, 2015 $0.99 45021 words
1 wedding,2 best men,one hell of a love story! A romantic, funny, and hot 'gay for you' novella with kilts. Declan and Sam are both best man at a Scottish Wedding. Declan hadn't met the 'kid' who was to be joint best man. But on meeting Sam, he's surprised to realise the 'kid' isn't a kid, but a tall, blond, athletic young man. Declan is sure he's straight, so is alarmed at his attraction to Sam.
The Soldier and the Samurai: (Yaoi Novel) by Katsura The Soldier and the Samurai: (Yaoi Novel) by Oct. 04, 2015 $5.99 62486 words Sample 10%
When dreams come true, they often herald the start of a nightmare. Kanno Sakamoto, billionaire, yakuza and fantasist, returns in a tale of murder, revenge and political skullduggery.
Rhapsody by KG MacGregor Rhapsody by Oct. 04, 2015 $9.99 80913 words Sample 20%
After eleven years on the anchor desk at TV4, Ashley Giraud is one of the most beloved figures in Tampa Bay. That's how she likes her love—distant and impersonal. When her longtime stylist goes out of business, she follows a colleague's recommendation to Rhapsody, a small salon that serve as a hub for an eclectic group of lesbian friends and soon trades her solitude for new friends.
Dragon Groomer by Amber Kell Dragon Groomer by Oct. 04, 2015 $0.99 23049 words Sample 20%
Derlin thought working at a dragon stable would be the job of a lifetime. Little did he know he’d find the man who would become his world. As soon as he spotted the dragon groomer Tyron knew he’d found his match. Never before had he felt such an instantaneous attraction. Derlin has secrets he can’t share, secrets that aren’t only his. When Tyron’s life depends on Derlin’s abilities does he dare
A Door to the Heart by Thomas Grant Bruso A Door to the Heart by Oct. 04, 2015 $3.99 18211 words Sample 20%
As Josh Tully returns home from running errands, he stumbles across a handsome young man leaving his apartment complex. A sudden surge of electricity sparks between the two young men. Something in Josh’s laid-back persona draws Eddie to the small Minnesota town of Gordonville and through the door of Josh’s heart. Will Eddie decide to stay -- and for how long?
Fairy Dragon Blues by Meyari McFarland Fairy Dragon Blues by Oct. 03, 2015 $2.99 9263 words Sample 20%
Soggy leaves squished under Janie's boots. Fixing the back fence wasn't a fun job but it would go quick with the whole pack. At least until they reached the unnaturally flooded stream. Crossing a swollen stream shouldn't be deadly but Janie found a way to risk her life doing it. The question wasn't whether she'd survive--it was whether her pack would survive what she found on the other side.
A Little Familiar by R. Cooper A Little Familiar by Oct. 03, 2015 $0.99 30750 words Sample 15%
Samhain is a time for change, when walls come down and borders grow thin. Bartleby isn’t going to waste what might be his last chance to convince Piotr that they were meant to be. He might have no magic, but love is a power all its own.
Scar (Indelible #1) by Dee A Scar (Indelible #1) by Oct. 03, 2015 Free! 38271 words Read a sample
This book was written as part of the MM Romance group's Don't Read in the Closet event on Goodreads. Wanting peace and quiet after prison, Gabriel Lamb heads to the Ninth District. That plan is foiled when Russ Andrews takes an interest in him. The pest won't leave him alone, and Gabriel doesn't want to like it. But it seems Russ is tangled up in something that's bigger than the both of them...
Deliver Me by Faith Gibson Deliver Me by Oct. 02, 2015 $3.99 72875 words Sample 5%
Taggart Lee Holloway is the jaded lead singer for 7’s Mistress. Tragedy strikes and he meets a gorgeous man on a park bench. Dr. Erik Henrikson has a lock on his heart. He meets Lee, someone whose life has just been turned upside down. When he finds out Lee’s true identity, Erik throws away the key. Tag has two weeks to make the doctor want him. He has three months to prove he won’t hurt him.
Substitute for Love by Karin Kallmaker Substitute for Love by Oct. 02, 2015 $9.99 87881 words Sample 20%
Like most women in dead-end relationships, Holly Markham was used to finding substitutes for love. Like chocolate. Fun times with good friends. Throwing herself into her work as a mathematician. But throwing herself into the arms of a leather-clad stranger was never on her list. But even when she does exactly that, she's stunned when the other woman tells her there can be no repeats.
Lord Byron's Prophecy by Sean Eads Lord Byron's Prophecy by Oct. 02, 2015 $9.99 109159 words Sample 20%
Lord Byron is troubled. Is his new poem a catharsis of self-loathing at being attracted to other men or an incantation that turns him into an incubus that seeks such sins? Or perhaps something much worse: an apocalyptic prophecy. Present-day Professor Adam Fane is beginning to suffer from what he believes is dementia, which causes him to have the same visions Byron experienced centuries ago.
Billion Dollar Omega (The Billionaire's Howl Book 2) by Lilia Viera Billion Dollar Omega (The Billionaire's Howl Book 2) by Oct. 02, 2015 $2.99 9412 words Sample 10%
Jason has found his scintillating home in his billionaire boss’s beastly arms. However, loving a werewolf does not come easily, especially when outside forces threaten the blooming lust of their relationship. Will Jason lose himself in the carnal desires of his werewolf lover?
Billion Dollar Alpha (The Billionaire's Howl Book 1) by Lilia Viera Billion Dollar Alpha (The Billionaire's Howl Book 1) by Oct. 02, 2015 $2.99 9531 words Sample 10%
For three long years, Jason has slaved away for sexy billionaire CEO Thane Romero. One late evening under the light of the full moon, Thane approaches with Jason with an urgent secret…and a desperate longing. It’s not long before the two are swept away in the carnal embrace of animalistic love.
Hunter's Way by Gerri Hill Hunter's Way by Oct. 02, 2015 $9.99 104165 words Sample 20%
Homicide detective Tori Hunter was used to doing things her way. But even after having six different partners in seven years, Tori isn't prepared when she's forced to team up with the hot-tempered Samantha Kennedy. Samantha, on the other hand, is trying to juggle a new job, a demanding boyfriend, and now finds herself with an even greater challenge—being partnered with the difficult detective.
Based on a True Story by Jameson Currier Based on a True Story by Oct. 02, 2015 $7.99 49039 words Sample 5%
Two gay couples meet at an idyllic mountain cabin to celebrate Thanksgiving. As the four men reminisce of their college years, coming out, and recall their past friends and former lovers, a shocking and fatal tale of obsession unfolds.
The Complex, Interlude One: Max by K. Michael The Complex, Interlude One: Max by Oct. 02, 2015 Free! 11616 words Read a sample
Whether or not you've read any of The Complex, the stories in this interlude can be enjoyed both separately from and cohesively with the main plot of the serial novel. Contains three short stories that contribute to the serial novel and an excerpt from the upcoming second part, The Observer.
10 Lesbian Sex Stories by Bradley Paris 10 Lesbian Sex Stories by Oct. 01, 2015 $2.99 61102 words Sample 20%
This e-book contains over 70,000 sexy, erotic words charged with sexual lesbian electricity. Everything is fair game in this collection of infamous stories, including; women in prison, blackmail, a woman's first time lesbian experience, three-ways, frisky roommates, (very) experienced older women, lover training, photo sessions gone awry, a gang bang, sex with a stranger, domination, kink, bondage
Made By The Vampire by P.J. Nevada Made By The Vampire by Oct. 01, 2015 $3.49 0 words Sample 10%
Gay high school senior Devon knew his place, finding an ally with a school jock. Devon's life took a dark turn when his path crossed with a sexy gay vampire. Faced with danger, and hot sex with his vampire lover, Devon found a new love, a mortal, enraging his jealous vampire. How can a high school senior handle such difficulties, while dealing with his own future? (sexually explicit m/m erotica)
Haunting Love by KA Moll Haunting Love by Oct. 01, 2015 $9.99 63553 words Sample 10%
Anna was raised in the strict beliefs of a religious sect nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Against her better judgment, she moves to Illinois. She’s not there long before she’s convinced that the devil is hunting her down. Gabe is a police officer and a powerful medium. Talking with and seeing the dead has always come easily, yet she’s unable to communicate with her late wife.
True Religion by J.L. Weinberg True Religion by Oct. 01, 2015 $9.99 105611 words Sample 5%
True Religion, J.L. Weinberg’s debut novel, is a genre-bending fusion of paranormal horror, spiritual therapy, American history, and New Age enlightenment.
The Altered 3 by Annabelle Jacobs The Altered 3 by Oct. 01, 2015 $4.49 61185 words Sample 20%
Matt is a single shifter living in a house full of couples. He's tired of being the odd one out and wants a mate for himself, though doubts he'll find one out in the Cornish countryside. Newly altered, Thomas seeks refuge with Matt and his friends, until he can safely return to London. He and Matt bond in a way neither of them were expecting, and they struggle to cope with what this might mean.
Fall of Rome by GA Hauser Fall of Rome by Oct. 01, 2015 $2.99 63978 words Sample 10%
Noel Rome thought he had a cushy number, working at a casino as a security guard. The pay was great, the perks exceptional, and at thirty-five he was content. His boss, a multimillionaire big shot had done well. Noel had no complaints, until he was assigned to train a new recruit, Wyatt Vance.
"Rewriting His Love Life" by Oct. 01, 2015 $0.99 33888 words Sample 20%
Looking for a distraction from crushing on his boss, Archer gets roped into writing a dating series for the Ashe Sentinel. When Tyler meets his cute, geeky neighbor after a day of moving hell, the two fall into an easy friendship. But after rescuing Archer from one dating crisis too many, he wants more. Can Tyler win over Archer, or will the man's fear of dating too close to home keep them apart?
Going Home by Stefan Angelina McElvain Going Home by Oct. 01, 2015 $4.99 40094 words Sample 5%
Alex is a highly intelligent hermaphrodite, with fully functioning male and female genitalia and an insatiable sexual appetite. To penetrate or to be penetrated, that is the question.
Wounded Angel by Starfox Howl Wounded Angel by Oct. 01, 2015 $4.99 33681 words Sample 5%
For three years Angel Sanderson has been in a casual relationship with police officer Terrance Bryant. It started when he was a street cop, pulling security duty at Avenging Angel public appearances. It’s grown to the point that he keeps a uniform and his body armor in her closet.
Unexpected Engagement by Silvia Violet Unexpected Engagement by Oct. 01, 2015 $3.99 56832 words Sample 10%
Simon McLeod was a promising naval captain before CIA agents forced him to fake his death and join their ranks. Since that horrible night, Simon has focused on finding the men responsible for ending his career. He’s close now, but he needs help from the man he loves. The problem is Edgar is straight, has no idea how Simon feels, and threatened to strangle him the last time they were together.
Baymore's Heir by Lynn Lorenz Baymore's Heir by Oct. 01, 2015 $3.99 60473 words Sample 10%
Jackson and Will have a perfect life together. Until Jackson decides he needs an heir. When Jackson asks Will to find him the perfect wife, will it destroy them?
Le Loup Reticent by Lisa Oliver Le Loup Reticent by Sep. 30, 2015 $4.99 88519 words Sample 15%
This is the French Version of a previously published book - The Reluctant Wolf - Book one of the Cloverleah Pack series.
Starless Nights by Rae D. Magdon & Michelle Magly Starless Nights by
& Sep. 30, 2015
$7.50 76561 words Sample 30%
Taylor and Maia fled Earth leaving behind a wake of chaos and disorder. Coalition soldier Rachel is left to deal with the backlash of Taylor’s actions, and soon finds herself chasing after the runaways with orders to capture Taylor. Rachel quickly learns the final frontier is not a forgiving place for humans and all is not as her Intel seems. Will Maia's research be the key against the Dominion?
Dark Hollow Wolf Pack, Vol 1 by Shannon West Dark Hollow Wolf Pack, Vol 1 by Sep. 30, 2015 $0.99 156949 words Sample 20%
Books One Through Four of the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack Series
Kian's Alpha by Shannon West Kian's Alpha by Sep. 30, 2015 $4.99 49539 words Sample 20%
Kian had a history of bad luck with alphas. Because when you’re an omega, with the palest shade of blond hair and eyes an odd shade of frosted blue, alphas were nothing but trouble. Most alphas wanted to use him for his looks or for what he could do, but no good had ever come from any interaction Kian had ever had with one of them...
Against All Odds by JM Dragon & Erin O'Reilly Against All Odds by
& Sep. 30, 2015
$7.99 110330 words Sample 15%
Stephanie Grant has a past that is hard to escape. Attempting a fresh start, she opens an art gallery in the small town of Mapleton. Louise, a high school teacher and the daughter of the richest man in town, has a stubborn streak. Life however takes twisted paths, setting both Steph and Louise in directions the never thought possible. Will love win out against all odds?