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Trouver Son Chez-Soi by Keira Andrews Trouver Son Chez-Soi by March 29, 2017 $4.99 83381 words Sample 20%
Isaac et David n’ont jamais cru qu’ils reviendraient dans le monde amish. Mais quand le frère cadet d’Isaac se voit diagnostiquer un cancer, ils n’hésitent pas à revenir. Leur relation est branlante après que l’insécurité et la peur les aient amenés à douter d’eux, à San Francisco, et David est déterminé à faire les choses correctement...
Passion en Arctique by Keira Andrews Passion en Arctique by March 29, 2017 $2.99 31077 words Sample 20%
Quand deux étrangers sont piégés par une tempête de neige, la chaleur monte.
Stormy Weather by Adrianna Dane Stormy Weather by March 29, 2017 $1.99 14990 words Sample 20%
Two men meet on a dark and dangerous night, strangers who will become passionate lovers. It is a weekend of discovery, of sizzling exploration and of revelations they will never forget. But what happens when the rains stop?...
Dirty Games by Barbara Elsborg Dirty Games by March 29, 2017 $4.99 107758 words Sample 20%
After Linton throws his drug addicted brother out of his flat, life slams in hard. To give his brother any hope of a future, Linton has to play dirty and act as an agent of revenge. After he’s pushed into teaching film star Thorne Morrisey a lesson in humility, Linton becomes so entangled in the game, he can’t see a way to keep either his or Thorne's heart intact.
Queerwolf by Rob Rosen Queerwolf by March 29, 2017 $6.99 73627 words Sample 20%
Queerwolf is outrageous comedy, steamy romance, and heart-pounding adventure... with a bite! When you wake up on a ferry, naked, in a pool of blood, there's nowhere else to go but up. Up, that is, into the arms of your hunky upstairs neighbor.
Reunion by Barry Brennessel Reunion by March 29, 2017 $6.99 63314 words Sample 20%
From a small French city to a park outside the neon glitz of Tokyo, and beyond, these interconnected stories follow the adventures of Brian, Ondrej, Yuji, Jason, and others as they navigate the tumultuous path of life and love.
The Loss of Innocence Store by George Seaton The Loss of Innocence Store by March 29, 2017 $1.99 9098 words Sample 20%
Our men and women in uniform sacrifice daily to serve our country. But what about the additional, voluntary sacrifice that each gay person in the military makes daily when they don their uniform? We ask these men and women to not only serve their country but serve in silence and denial, sacrificing not only their physical lives but their emotional ones too by denying them their right to love.
Firenze by Barry Brennessel Firenze by March 29, 2017 $0.99 4491 words Sample 20%
Brandon Meier's academic year in Europe takes him far beyond museums, castles, and classrooms. When he embarks on a month-long rail journey, his sightseeing includes an edgy French boy, a Carravagio-esque Italian, a rich Swiss lad, a Croatian heartbreaker, and an Indonesian beauty in Amsterdam, to name but a few. These are lessons no textbook can ever teach.
Rules Are Meant to be Broken by N.J. Nielsen Rules Are Meant to be Broken by March 29, 2017 $7.99 77810 words Sample 20%
The Lines of Marsden were born into existence for a reason: to right the wrongs that had once taken place. Destiny fated that they must destroy the Eldren before evil wins.
Countdown to Daddies by K-lee Klein Countdown to Daddies by March 29, 2017 $2.99 13298 words Sample 20%
Even gay dads have pregnancy pains. Matteo and Gabe have everything they could ever want out of life, except for a family all their own. When Gabe's twin sister offers to be their surrogate, it's a dream come true until she insists they be completely involved in the pregnancy. The new dads quickly realize they may have bitten off more than they can chew.
Family is Forever by Anna Lee Family is Forever by March 29, 2017 $1.99 7725 words Sample 20%
While making a gift Charlotte asks her Daddy why he and Papa aren't married, leading Landon with the help of his daughters to make Father's Day one that they and Devin will never forget.
The Card by George Seaton The Card by March 29, 2017 $1.99 8260 words Sample 20%
The dynamic between fathers and sons is complex, most often least understood by the players themselves. But is it the father who does not know his son, or is it the son who does not know his father?
Waves of Gold and Smoke by Neil Plakcy Waves of Gold and Smoke by March 29, 2017 $1.99 8260 words Sample 20%
Richie and Gabe meet by accident---when one of Richie's two adopted sons beans Gabe in the head with a soccer ball. There's an immediate attraction---but Gabe, who's still a boy at heart, though nearing thirty, is reluctant to take on a ready-made family. That is, until he runs into Richie again and their mutual attraction takes over...
When Souls Collide by N.J. Nielsen When Souls Collide by March 29, 2017 $4.99 25252 words Sample 20%
Question: What is the stupidest thing an openly gay man could do? Answer: Move to Texas and marry a woman.
A Fresh Set of Eyes by Liz Strange A Fresh Set of Eyes by March 29, 2017 $8.99 90409 words Sample 20%
A mother turns to David to help free her son and another young man from prison, where they have spent the last ten years for a double murder many feel they did not commit. The police investigation was spotty, the evidence non-existent, and yet someone had to pay for the vicious assault on two young brothers.
Angel's Evolution by T.A. Chase Angel's Evolution by March 29, 2017 $5.99 55006 words Sample 20%
I'm a monster, but with one kiss, he changes everything I believe. I'm a monster and I'm imprisoned in a world I hate and fear. As heir to my father's title, I'm expected to marry, but my secret desires may keep me from fulfilling those expectations. One night, a stranger kisses me. In his touch, I see the possibility of a life beyond my prison.
Strategic Manuvers by William Maltese Strategic Manuvers by March 29, 2017 $4.99 20690 words Sample 20%
Our men and women in uniform sacrifice daily to serve our country. But what about the additional, voluntary sacrifice that each gay person in the military makes daily when they don their uniform? We ask these men and women to not only serve their country but serve in silence and denial, sacrificing not only their physical lives but their emotional ones too by denying them their right to love.
Mason's Murder by Gregory L. Norris Mason's Murder by March 29, 2017 $2.99 11681 words Sample 20%
Danger stalks Meredith, a handsome reporter exhuming secrets at a seaside resort where the shadow of an unsolved murder threatens not only his life but, worse, his heart.
Another Dead Republican by Mark Zubro Another Dead Republican by March 29, 2017 $7.99 77246 words Sample 20%
Another Dead Republican is a mystery of familial destruction set in a world of violent intrigue and deadly ambition. A ringing phone in the middle of the night set Tom Mason and his lover, baseball player, Scott Carpenter on the trail of a vicious killer in a suburban enclave. Tom's brother-in-law has been murdered. Tom rushes to be with his beloved sister.
Trick's Dante by AKM Miles Trick's Dante by March 29, 2017 $7.99 88043 words Sample 20%
Trick's settling in at Scarcity: new life, new love, new kid to save. Huh?
The Mountain by Ally Blue The Mountain by March 29, 2017 $5.99 52720 words Sample 20%
When glass artist Marco Ravel is commissioned to create a piece for a rich recluse, he's thrilled for the opportunity to stretch his creative muscle. He doesn't expect to fall for the man hiring him. For Henrik Schweitzer, the relationship blossoming between himself and Marco shakes his world to its foundation.
The Last Thing I Saw by Richard Stevenson The Last Thing I Saw by March 29, 2017 $6.99 64552 words Sample 20%
Eddie Wenske has gone missing.A popular investigative reporter renowned for both his gay-coming-out memoir and a frightening book on drug cartels, Wenske vanishes while investigating a gay media conglomerate with a controversial owner and dodgy business practices.Albany PI Don Strachey's perilous search for Wenske takes him to Boston and to New York City, and finally to California.
The Buchanan Letters by Neil Plakcy The Buchanan Letters by March 29, 2017 $6.99 76025 words Sample 20%
Secret letters exposing James Buchanan as our first gay president lead college history professor Jeff Berman to fall in love with disgraced reporter Pascal Montrouge, who can make all his dreams come true---or destroy everything Jeff has worked for.
Nothing to Forgive by D.C. Juris Nothing to Forgive by March 29, 2017 $1.99 4886 words Sample 20%
How will Vodwynn react when he learns the sacrifice Hadryk has made to keep him safe?
Mixed Up by Neil Plakcy Mixed Up by March 29, 2017 $2.99 14036 words Sample 20%
Can young therapist Ken Levinson help returning vet Paul Wainwright with his PTSD-related nightmares? Or will the growing attraction between the two -- which violates Ken's professional ethics---derail Paul's healing and leave them both more alone? Everything seems to be mixed up in this contemporary romance set on South Beach.
Here Be Dragons by T.A. Chase Here Be Dragons by March 29, 2017 $7.99 84491 words Sample 20%
Kael Hammerson works at a research lab in Ireland. He knows that Ireland is a strange place for a herpetologist to work, but he's running from an abusive relationship and Ireland is the farthest away he could get. It's been a year since he left his ex-partner and his heart is ready to heal.
Loneliness Ebbs Deep by Less Than Three Press LLC Loneliness Ebbs Deep by March 29, 2017 $1.99 12014 words Sample 20%
Kaya has always lived a lonely life, kept sheltered and mistreated. Now orphaned and more alone than ever, she wanders into the forest and to the forbidden lake. There she meets the unusual Helki, an ancient squid shifter who has always strived to live the life of pleasure that's always been forbidden to Kaya...
Between the Lines by KD Williamson Between the Lines by March 29, 2017 $9.99 118908 words Sample 20%
Cool, detached psychiatrist Tonya Preston prefers dealing with her patients more than her family. When her path dramatically crosses that of irrepressible rookie cop Haley Jordan, she’s thrown out of her comfort zone. A simmering attraction draws them close. But will it be enough when work, family and a confronting police case start to tear at them?
Future Leaders of Nowhere by Emily O'Beirne Future Leaders of Nowhere by March 29, 2017 $9.99 75388 words Sample 20%
Finn and Willa have been picked as leaders in the camp game. Finn doesn’t know what’s throwing her more, the fact she’s leading a team of unenthusiastic overachievers or coming up against Willa. And Willa doesn’t know which is harder, leaving her responsibilities behind or opening up to someone. Soon they must balance their clashing ideals with their unexpected connection. And find a way to win.
While She Sleeps by Katya Harris While She Sleeps by March 29, 2017 $1.99 15331 words Sample 20%
Rose has succumbed to the curse laid on her as a baby. She has pricked her finger on an enchanted spindle and is doomed to sleep for a hundred years. But though her body is locked in slumber, her mind is wide awake, her spirit capable of traveling the kingdom that is going on without her. Invisible, she watches the lives and loves of her people, a silent witness to a world she cannot take part in.
Undercover Blue by Hayden West Undercover Blue by March 29, 2017 $2.99 16890 words Sample 10%
Theirs could have been a real relationship except for the lies between them. One cop and one ATF, both undercover in the same crime family... once the truth comes out, can they make things work? Or will it turn out to be something undercover never sees the light of day?
Watch as My World Ends by Kayla Bain-Vrba Watch as My World Ends by March 29, 2017 $2.99 21857 words Sample 20%
An angelic soldier during the Apocalypse, Nathan defied God and had his wings ripped out. He has found unhappy refuge in a small community run by a tyrant and sells his body to keep food on the table. He has suppressed all emotion and lives day to day, struggling to survive the Apocalypse and hoping for it all to end—until he meets Dakota, an angelic hit man bent on spiritually saving them both...
Painted On My Heart by Kindle Alexander Painted On My Heart by March 28, 2017 $3.99 146072 words Sample 10%
For Kellus, opening himself to love isn’t an option. All Arik wants is to make the artist his. Can love create a masterpiece when it’s painted on your heart?
Odd-Man Rush by Sadie West Odd-Man Rush by March 28, 2017 $0.99 11135 words Sample 20%
When hockey prodigy Danny Holden is in an accident, he has nowhere to turn except his ex-boyfriend’s family.
Driving the Lane by Sadie West Driving the Lane by March 28, 2017 $0.99 2606 words Sample 20%
Alex and Jackson have been best friends since elementary school, but when Alex wants more than friendship, Jackson will have to confront his feelings for his handsome teammate.
LGBT Erotic Paranormal Romance  My Test From The Alpha  (Tiger Shifter Series Book 3) by Terry Anderson LGBT Erotic Paranormal Romance My Test From The Alpha (Tiger Shifter Series Book 3) by March 28, 2017 $2.99 5851 words Sample 20%
Javier wants total control over his minions! When Raul earns a whipping, James begs to take it for him instead, and Javier agrees, but then they talk Javier into forcing James to submit to him sexually instead. James even gets used to running around with no clothes on They spend a lot of time in the creek, washing blood and cum off of each other. And did I mention, there is a lot of sex?
LGBT Erotic Paranormal Romance  Running With My Beast (Tiger Shifter Series Book 2) by Terry Anderson LGBT Erotic Paranormal Romance Running With My Beast (Tiger Shifter Series Book 2) by March 28, 2017 $2.99 5839 words Sample 20%
James has indeed fallen in love with Raul, and so when he went out to meet him, this time he packed a bag. That means he's thinking of staying here for the rest of his life. But Raul can't be so sure, even though he wants James, James is not a shape shifter like his people, and that could create problems! But the first problem is that James has to meet Raul's Alpha, Javier.
LGBT Erotic Paranormal Romance One Vampire Too Many (Ménage à Trois Series Book 3) by Terry Anderson LGBT Erotic Paranormal Romance One Vampire Too Many (Ménage à Trois Series Book 3) by March 28, 2017 $2.99 5704 words Sample 20%
Eric and Marcus are wearing poor Larry out! Too Much Sex! And drinking all that blood doesn't help a bit. Larry is exhausted, but the endorphins may be keeping him from realizing it. Eric and Marcus have to come to an agreement as to who gets what time with him or he is going to just waste away. But Larry is having too good a time to care. And hey, there's no such thing as too much sex, right?
LGBT Erotic Paranormal Romance The Vampires Owned My Soul (Ménage à Trois Series Book 2) by Terry Anderson LGBT Erotic Paranormal Romance The Vampires Owned My Soul (Ménage à Trois Series Book 2) by March 28, 2017 $2.99 5994 words Sample 20%
This is book 2 of the Ménage à Trois series and book 5 of the Vampires boxed set. Larry commits to staying with the vampires. The sex is great, and those endorphins they lick onto his wounds to close them up get him high. But we start to see signs of trouble. One vampire is kinder and gentler, but the other one is more sensual. Oh, and there is a whole lot of sex!
Stealing Blue by DP Denman Stealing Blue by March 28, 2017 $4.99 87418 words Sample 5%
When a hot new rock star shows up in Vancouver, Blue Atkins’ career turns out to be more explosive than anyone imagined. His first shot at producing traps him between the kid determined to have him and the boyfriend determined to blame him. The combination drives Blue out of both their lives into new opportunities. Can Brady bring him home before he loses Blue to a sparkling new life in LA?
Banging the Pool Boy by Robyn Hunter Banging the Pool Boy by March 28, 2017 $2.99 7917 words Sample 20%
Specer's first day at his new job turns into a wild and rough gang bang.
LGBT Erotic Paranormal Romance The Hearts Search for Trouble (Ménage à Trois Series Book 1) by Terry Anderson LGBT Erotic Paranormal Romance The Hearts Search for Trouble (Ménage à Trois Series Book 1) by March 28, 2017 $2.99 5934 words Sample 15%
Larry is starting to feel a bit old, now that he is in his 20s, and not going to college, and just getting by on what he can make working in a coffee shop. He's starting to look a little less desirable now, when he looks in the mirror, and has love handles. But he goes to a gay bar, and discovers that two men are interested in him. The fun starts when he realizes that they are both vampires!
Hold Your Head High. by Smokey Foe Hold Your Head High. by March 28, 2017 Free! 436 words Read a sample
A short story with a lesson about life in it with a twist ending.
These Four Walls by GA Hauser These Four Walls by March 28, 2017 $3.99 51432 words Sample 10%
These Four Walls. Living within them, or breaking out of them, sometimes to find love, you must take a chance. And for Jimmie and Rudy, that means revealing a very big secret.
Witness by Joan L. Anderson Witness by March 28, 2017 $2.99 27314 words Sample 3%
Becca and Kate have always spent their vacations in a tropical paradise, lying on a beach. This year, Becca wanted to try something different: a seven-day hike in the beautiful Cascade Mountains. Their peaceful vacation turns to horror when they stumble upon a brutal murder taking place in the back country. Will they be able to hike out of the wilderness and get help before he can stop them?
Enemy Within (Executive Office #3) by Tal Bauer Enemy Within (Executive Office #3) by March 28, 2017 $6.99 179293 words Sample 5%
The White House, infiltrated. The president and his first gentleman running for their lives. A traitorous general, intent on burning the world to the ground. When everything falls apart, who do you trust?
Real World by Amy Jo Cousins Real World by March 27, 2017 $2.99 45731 words Sample 15%
Five years into the best relationship of his life, Tom Worthington is keeping secrets again. Reese Anders will try anything to get his boyfriend to talk: if he can’t seduce Tom with food, he’ll get him to open up in bed. But even Tom’s confession that his dad is getting out of prison soon doesn’t clear the air. And as the holidays approach, Reese is keeping secrets of his own, risking everything.
Level Hands by Amy Jo Cousins Level Hands by March 27, 2017 $3.99 104394 words Sample 10%
Rafael Castro is far out of his element at Carlisle College, the elite school Denny Winslow's family helped him attend with a rowing scholarship. Rafi plans on steering clear of Denny to avoid rumors of favoritism, but his good intentions evaporate in the fire of renewed attraction. When a family crisis hits, Rafi and Denny have to pull hard to keep their relationship from capsizing.
The Girl Next Door by Amy Jo Cousins The Girl Next Door by March 27, 2017 $3.99 85982 words Sample 10%
Cash Carmichael has a runaway gay teen on his doorstep and only one person he wants to call for backup: Stephany Tyler. Ex-friends with benefits in college, Cash and Steph dive right back into a steamy connection, despite Steph holding back emotionally from fear of getting burned again. But if Cash can convince Steph to get her heart in the game, there's a chance they can both win.
Nothing Like Paris by Amy Jo Cousins Nothing Like Paris by March 27, 2017 $3.99 86373 words Sample 10%
Jack Tarkington's life is in the toilet. He's facing expulsion from college and coming back to the small Iowa town he thought he'd escaped is humbling. When he runs into Miguel, Jack braces for backlash over the way he lorded it over his old flame. Instead, Miguel offers him friendship—and a job. But when Jack gets a second chance at college, he'll have to choose between his dreams and love.